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Since 1988

SPN Technology, Inc. (SPN) is a High Tech Equipment Design and Development company specializing in Machine Automation, Process Control, Manufacturing and Metrology Equipment with an emphasis in High Vacuum Technology.

SPN designs Electro-Mechanical products. Our expertise includes Mechanical, Electronic and Software Design and Manufacturing.

Intuitive Machine Control Software

SPN writes the Graphic User Interface (GUI) in Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net for ease in programming and modifications.

Windows style Drop Down Menus are used for features such as Recipe Edition and Manual Control.

Data is usually stored in a modern relational database to simplify reporting requirements.



Embedded Electronic Control Modules

SPN designs and builds standard and custom USB interface Control Modules.



Semiconductor Instrument Design

SPN has extensive experience designing Metrology and Control Systems.



High Vacuum System and Tooling Design

SPN designs and manufactures High Vacuum Systems including PVD (Sputtering and Evaporation), CVD and Ion Mill. SPN expertise extends from simple, one chamber batch systems, to multi chamber robotic cluster tools.