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Ion Mill


SPN uses Solidworks for all Mechanical Designs.

Pumping Station





Diode System


SPN Designs Vacuum Systems

SPN has extensive experience designing and building High Vacuum Equipment and Tooling. Our Engineers have designed Sputtering, Evaporation, CVD and Ion Milling Systems.

SPN Automates Vacuum Systems

SPN Engineers have more than 35 years experience Automating High Vacuum Equipment. SPN writes MS Windows PC platform control software writen in Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net using the latest Microsoft development environments. Data storage is performed by connecting to modern relational databases such as MS SQL Server. SPN uses Communication Interfaces including RS-232/485 and USB for Distributed Control.

Cluster Tool


SPN Designs Custom Equipment

SPN has designed a variety of Custom Machines. SPN Designs include Batch Processing Equipment, Cluster Tools, Continuous-Inline Systems and Robot Arms.